Selected works listed in reverse chronological order. For complete worklist and performance history please see Curriculum Vitae


at the river (2018) for soprano, percussion, and computer. Commissioned by Jamie Jordan and Daniel Druckman. Text by Alix Anne Shaw. 22:00


sounding field (2017) for tenor trombone, bass trombone, and tuba. Commissioned by 3BASSO. 7:30

a veil (2017) for piano. Commissioned by Lucas Wong 6:15 Buy Recording

struggling in excess (2017) for oboe and 8.1 or stereo fixed media. Commissioned by Juan Manuel García-Cano. 8:00

in excess (2017) for 8.1, 5.1, or stereo fixed media. 8:00

struggling (2017) for oboe. Commissioned by Juan Manuel García-Cano. 8:00

The Nature of Matter (2017) for two percussion and computer. Commissioned by Ensemble 570. 15:00.


the edge of still (2016) for dizi, sheng, and computer. Commissioned by Little Giant Chinese Chamber Orchestra. 8:30. Buy Recording


lingering garden (2015) for 8.1 or stereo fixed media. Commissioned by Frame Dance Productions. 8:40.

drift (2015) for 3-4 violins, violas, cellos, and INDRA software. Commissioned by by Frame Dance Productions. indeterminate.

beneath, there is stirring (2015) for ensemble. Commissioned by 2014 Chou's Annual Composition Commission Award. 10:00

warzone (2015) for timpani and fixed media. Co-composed with Alexander Singer. 9:00. Buy Score, stop.hear (2015) for percussion quartet and optional Tibetian singing bowls. 8:00-10:00.

Homologic (2015) for bass flute, clarinet, and computer. 9:45.

Travelscapes (2015) for stereo fixed media. 8:00.


at water's edge (2014) for violin and percussion. Commissioned by Jacqueline Tsu. 10:00. Buy Score

The Lightning Field (2014) for baritone voice, bass clarinet, trumpet, trombone, and computer. Text by Alix Anne Shaw. 12:00


Memory Variations (2013) for electric guitar and marimba. Commissioned by Liminal Space Contemporary Music Ensemble. 9:00. Buy Score

Warning Colors (2013 rev. 2015) for orchestra. 9:40.


Desert Miniatures: Insects (2012) for three bassoons. Commissioned by Trio Sonora. 9:00. Buy Score

Music Box 9 (2012) for chamber ensemble. 20:00-25:00.


Break Point (2011) for percussion quintet. Commissioned by the Bowling Green State University Percussion Association and the Mid-American Center for Contemporary Music. 9:00.

...the paint while it's dripping. (2011) for audio/video installation. indeterminate.

untangle my tongue (2011) for stereo fixed media. Text by Alix Anne Shaw. 9:13. Buy Recording

The Gate (2011) for string quartet and computer. 33:00.


glue, tape, and other adhesives (2010) for multiple percussion solo. Commissioned by Aaron Levy. 9:00. Buy Score

Natural Selection (2010) for two narrators and chamber ensemble. Text by Alix Anne Shaw. 6:00.

now our grief is put away (2010) for soprano and computer. Text by Alix Anne Shaw. 14:00.

Desert Miniatures (2010) for solo piano. Commissioned by Kathryn Christensen. 11:15. Buy Score


Passacaglia on a theme by Mark Rothko (2009) for lead steel pan and fixed media. Commissioned by Eric Hines 8:00 

Integrated Elements No. 3 "Divide by Five" (2009) for gyil and fixed media. Commissioned by Kyle Maxwell-Doherty. 8:00. Buy Score

in Steel (2009) for alto saxophone and percussion. Commissioned by Becky Morris and Joshua Priest. 10:30. Buy Score

Failing to Resist (2009) for 5.1 surround or stereo fixed media. 6:00. 

Lying in Wait (2009) for clarinet, violin, and piano. 9:00.

Moments (2009) for marimba. Commissioned by Alex Weir. 9:00. Buy Score

2008 - 2005

Integrated Elements No. 2 "Not a Haiku" (2008) for multiple percussion. Commissioned by Scott Shinbara. 10:00. Buy Score

Five Miniatures (2008) for flute, vibraphone, viola, and cello. 7:30. Buy Score

Variations for Piano (2007) for solo piano. 9:00. 

...of the Earth (2007) for percussion quartet. 8:30. Buy Score

Go! (2007) for marimba and percussion duo. 11:30. Buy Score

Preludes (2007) for marimba. 25:00. Buy Score

In My Mother's Garden (2006) for vibraphone trio. 11:00. Buy Score

Wind Chimes Beneath a Summer Rain (2005) for marimba. 10:00. Buy Score