Selected works listed in reverse chronological order. For complete worklist and performance history please see Curriculum Vitae


we drown, struggling in excess (2019) for solo oboe (or soprano saxophone), ensemble [a. fl., b. cl., b. sax., vln, vla, vlc. db.], and fixed media. 8:00

we drown, in excess (2019) for ensemble [a. fl., b. cl., b. sax., vln, vla, vlc. db.], and fixed media. 8:00

Violin Miniatures (2019) for violin. 8:30

Duet (2019) for open instrumentation. Co-composed with T.R. Beery. Indefinite.


sounding field: the deep (2018) for solo tenor trombone, solo bass trombone, solo tuba, wind symphony. 7:30

F*!#face Von Clownstick (2018) for piano. Written for Nicholas Phillips as part of #45Miniatures. 2:00

at the river (2018) for soprano, percussion, and computer. Commissioned by Jamie Jordan and Daniel Druckman. Text by Alix Anne Shaw. 25:00


sounding field (2017) for tenor trombone, bass trombone, and tuba. Commissioned by 3BASSO. 7:30

a veil (2017) for piano. Commissioned by Lucas Wong 6:15 Buy Recording

struggling in excess (2017) for oboe or soprano saxophone and 8.1 or stereo fixed media. Commissioned by Juan Manuel García-Cano. 8:00

in excess (2017) for 8.1, 5.1, or stereo fixed media. 8:00 Buy Recording Buy Digital

struggling (2017) for oboe. Commissioned by Juan Manuel García-Cano. 8:00

The Nature of Matter (2017) for two percussion and computer. Commissioned by Ensemble 570. 15:00.


the edge of still (2016) for dizi, sheng, and computer. Commissioned by Little Giant Chinese Chamber Orchestra. 8:30. Buy Recording


lingering garden (2015) for 8.1 or stereo fixed media. 8:40.

beneath, there is stirring (2015) for ensemble. Commissioned by 2014 Chou's Annual Composition Commission Award. 10:00

warzone (2015) for timpani and fixed media. Co-composed with Alexander Singer. 9:00. Buy Score, stop.hear (2015) for percussion quartet and optional Tibetian singing bowls. 8:00-10:00.

Homologic (2015) for bass flute, clarinet, and computer. 9:45.

Travelscapes (2015) for stereo fixed media. 8:00.


at water's edge (2014) for violin and percussion. Commissioned by Jacqueline Tsu. 10:00. Buy Score

The Lightning Field (2014) for baritone voice, bass clarinet, trumpet, trombone, and computer. Text by Alix Anne Shaw. 12:00


Memory Variations (2013) for electric guitar and marimba. Commissioned by Liminal Space Contemporary Music Ensemble. 9:00. Buy Score

Warning Colors (2013 rev. 2015) for orchestra. 9:40.


Desert Miniatures: Insects (2012) for three bassoons. Commissioned by Trio Sonora. 9:00. Buy Score

Music Box 9 (2012) for chamber ensemble. 20:00-25:00.


Break Point (2011) for percussion quintet. Commissioned by the Bowling Green State University Percussion Association and the Mid-American Center for Contemporary Music. 9:00.

...the paint while it's dripping. (2011) for audio/video installation. indeterminate.

untangle my tongue (2011) for stereo fixed media or stereo fixed media and video (2019). Text by Alix Anne Shaw. Video by Mark Hirsch 9:13. Buy Recording

The Gate (2011) for string quartet and computer. 33:00.


glue, tape, and other adhesives (2010) for multiple percussion solo. Commissioned by Aaron Levy. 9:00. Buy Score

Natural Selection (2010) for two narrators and chamber ensemble. Text by Alix Anne Shaw. 6:00.

now our grief is put away (2010) for soprano and computer. Text by Alix Anne Shaw. 14:00.

Desert Miniatures (2010) for solo piano. Commissioned by Kathryn Christensen. 11:15. Buy Score


Passacaglia on a theme by Mark Rothko (2009) for lead steel pan and fixed media. Commissioned by Eric Hines 8:00 Buy Score

Integrated Elements No. 3 "Divide by Five" (2009) for gyil and fixed media. Commissioned by Kyle Maxwell-Doherty. 8:00. Buy Score

in Steel (2009) for alto saxophone and percussion. Commissioned by Becky Morris and Joshua Priest. 10:30. Buy Score

Failing to Resist (2009) for 5.1 surround or stereo fixed media. 6:00. 

Lying in Wait (2009) for clarinet, violin, and piano. 9:00.

Moments (2009) for marimba. Commissioned by Alex Weir. 9:00. Buy Score

2005 - 2008

Integrated Elements No. 2 "Not a Haiku" (2008) for multiple percussion. Commissioned by Scott Shinbara. 10:00. Buy Score

Five Miniatures (2008) for flute, vibraphone, viola, and cello. 7:30. Buy Score

Variations for Piano (2007) for solo piano. 9:00. 

...of the Earth (2007) for percussion quartet. 8:30. Buy Score

Go! (2007) for marimba and percussion duo. 11:30. Buy Score

Preludes (2007) for marimba. 25:00. Buy Score

In My Mother's Garden (2006) for vibraphone trio. 11:00. Buy Score

Wind Chimes Beneath a Summer Rain (2005) for marimba. 10:00. Buy Score