| now our grief is put away


Program Notes

now our grief is put away uses the poem titled Khao Lak Paradise Resort by Anne Shaw in her book, Undertow.  I found Anne after searching for poets I wanted to set for a different project.  This poem leapt off the page with its vivid imagery and haunting descriptions of the tsunami that occurred on December 24, 2004 in the Southeast Pacific which included Thailand, the setting for this poem.  Due to its length and singularity of subject, I decided to not include this poem in what would eventually become Transit for soprano, vibraphone, and double bass but rather set the work as its own piece.  The poem is filled with Anne’s own description of her experience in the relief efforts, sayings from Thai culture, and descriptions from survivors of the tsunami.  Shaw writes, “Thai culture allows a mourning period of 100 days, after which the soul of the departed - and the lives of the living - must move on,” as a description for the line, now our grief is put away.

In setting the work, I did not want to try and take the audience to the places described but rather give them snapshots of moments or resurfacing memories they might have if they experienced this horrific event.  The reader of the spoken text in the electronics is Anne Shaw who, kindly, lent her voice to this project. 



Mary-Jane Lee  at

Duncan Recital Hall, Shepherd School of Music,

Rice University, Houston, TX


Mary-Jane Lee at

Hirsch Rehearsal Hall, Shepherd School of Music,

Rice University, Houston, TX


Sarah Bauer at

Electronic Music Midwest Festival, Concert 5

Kansas City Kansas Community College, Kansas City, KS


Amy Owens at

Duncan Recital Hall, Shepherd School of Music,

Rice University, Houston, TX


Amy Owens at

Electric LaTex Festival

University of Texas at Austin, Austin, TX


Jamie Jordan at

Unruly Music Festival

Marcus Center, Vogel Hall, Milwaukee, WI


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Spectrum New Music

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Jamie Jordan at

Barnes Recital Hall, Cornell University

Ithaca, NY


Elizabeth Pearse at

Bryan Recital Hall, Bowling Green State University

Bowling Green, OH


Becky Sørensen at

Avant Garden

Houston, TX


Audio - Score.pdf

Mary-Jane Lee, soprano

Sarah Bauer, soprano